Small Scale Mining Equipment

SANTA ANA , California news , LINE-X Industrial Coatings recently announced that its industrial coatings for fire retardant products LINE-X XS-252 mines operating environment , the official market . New retardant coating has been tested U.S. MSHA Mining Safety and Health Committee , received a certificate of fire safety products, liquid mining operations numbered MSHA IC-249.
    “This is a LINE-X and the mining industry a win-win .” Michael Babiarz , vice president of LINE-X company stressed that ” this innovative industrial coating products , not only to protect mining equipment to work every day in a harsh environment, and also small scale mining equipment can improve the abrasion and corrosion resistance . ”
    SBM Company announced that it will be using this paint , so that our mining equipment wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, improve the efficiency of mining equipment , including small scale mining equipment. LINE-X XS-252 is the first one through the standard spray paint products. LINE-X XS-252 convenient place is that it can satisfy the user a variety of different sizes and shapes of mining equipment , and avoid pouring mode shape and size of equipment limitations .
    As wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact of a fire retardant coatings , LINE-X is a high performance polyurethane elastomer coated products . LINE-X XS-252 can be in the manufacturing stage for mining equipment for the protection of the coating , thereby reducing maintenance costs in the use of the procedure.

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Small Scale Mining Equipment

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